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Biocaffè Superior Blend at Biofach: the Certified Italian Espresso

     With the aim to offer an always high quality product, manufactured according to the best tradition of the maestro roasters and in the meantime in line with the requests of a fast growing and expert audience, at the beginning of this year Caffè Haiti Roma has proudly reached an important goal: Biocaffè Superior Blend is now also a Certified Italian Espresso.


The Certified Italian Espresso is a perfect one, symbol of Made in Italy worldwide, a coffee with specific organoleptic features, in which the majority of the audience identifies itself, and that meets the approval of the operators. The standardization process of such a renown and appreciated product like coffee, comes from the will of the Italian Espresso National Institute, in partnership with the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and with the precious support of the Italian Tasters, to protect the Italian tradition of Espresso, by defining on the basis of specific parameters - which are the result of researches on the audience's habits, the identikit of the perfect Espresso, that according to the Secretary-General of the Italian Espresso National Institute and  President of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters Luigi Odello, is a cup containing 25 ml coffee with


a hazel-brown to dark - brown foam – characterised by tawny reflexes – with a very fine texture (absence of large mesh and larger or smaller bubbles). The nose reveals an intense scent with notes of flowers, fruits, toasted bread and chocolate. All of these sensations are felt also after swallowing the coffee in the long lasting aroma that remains for several seconds, sometimes even for minutes. Its taste in round, substantial and velvet-like. Sour and bitter tastes are well balanced and neither one prevails over the other. There is no, or a barely perceptible, astringent taste.



The next occasion to get in touch with the company and our Gold Medal, now also Certified, will be exhibition Biofach in Nuremberg from 14th to 17th February, at hall 1 booth 1 - 164.