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From the tradition to the Organic and Fairtrade

Enthusiasm and initiative are the necessary ingredients for our business to look ahead with new ideas and self-confidence in our ability to turn them into reality. Caffè Haiti Roma has always been committed to exploring the new opportunities offered by technology and scientific research to create and improve our range of products and services. We pay the greatest attention to the requirements and the quality of life of the people, who day after day appreciate the fruits of our job, and our continuing efforts towards this achievement have been passed on from one generation to another  within our Company.

Choosing Organic
The natural consequence of our continuing focus on quality in all the aspects of our job has led us to propose a coffee that originates from plantations in total harmony with the environment, where natural growing practices make absolutely no use of any harmful substance for man and the environment and contribute to maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. The outcome of this research is our Caffè Haiti “BIO” blend, made of 100% Arabica coffee, 100% organic.
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Coffee has always played a key role in Fairtrade, i.e. the trading activities that take into account the human rights and the working and exploitation conditions of the people engaged in the growing and marketing of raw materials. Considering the symbolic value of coffee, we are planning to introduce in our catalogue very soon coffee blends from certified fairtrade. Another step forward towards ethical enterprise.


Conformity Certificate of Organic Product issued by ICEA


Certificate issued by FAIRTRADE


Carbon Footprint Conformity issued by Bioagricert (for further information we invite you to visit Section News)