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Coffee Manager. Your passion, your business.

What is Coffee Manager
Coffee Manager is a business affiliation programme created by Caffè Haiti Roma, with the intent to combine its passion for espresso with an enterpreneurial vocation, turning it into a real and lasting business.


This programme is addressed to agents, dealers, distributors who work in various types of company, and that, being already operating in the field of food and beverage, want to expand their own business, on the basis of a high quality certified product, with the guarantee of the hostorical Brand of the professional Italian roasting


A varied affiliation programme, for a successful business
The opportunity that Coffee Manager offers to make business agreements is extremely varied, and allows to create partnerships able to fit the needs, wishes and possibilities of those who collaborate; “Coffee Manager Affiliation Programme”, in fact, proposes agreements linked to a wide range of products, in an environment
where it is the affiliated member who chooses which and how many products he/she wants to trade.


The products subject to the agreement
Our wide range of products is basically divided into three fields.


Ho.Re.Ca field (professional field for hotels, restaurants and bars). A really dynamic filed, in which coffee supply represents a strategic element for “Bar business”. In this field Caffè Haiti Roma offers agreements based on two types of products:
A) espresso coffee blends and decaffeinated coffee, coming from the best coffee plantations in the world, selections of Arabia and Robusta.
B) Organic coffee blends, certified by International Authorities, entirely composed of organic farming, and certified by Fairtrade with the relevant brand.


Coffee pods field (for office and at home). It is an ever-increasing field, and also for this product “Coffee Manager “ offers favourable agreements both for regular and for organic and fairtrade coffee pods. Our pods make the difference thanks to the excellent selections of the best coffee, as it is well defined in our Coffee Chart. Besides, the wide range of coffee pods is completed with the rich organic “Herbal tea Line”.


Large-scale retail trade field. Also for this field our products are divided into regular and organic ground coffee, both coming from blends that make the difference thank to their taste and aroma, always guaranteed by the certified quality of our roasting company.


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