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“Campi Elisi” Collection

Description: A Collection worth of being exposed in a museum. Six precious coffee cups decorated with six original décors inspired by masters of French Impressionism. The bright colours, the delicate contrasts of the subjects of “Campi Elisi” images convey a lively, shiny and freewheeling world where happiness, joie-de-vivre and poetry meet our everyday life. “Campi Elisi” is a Collection of Haiti Art cups that will remain for a long while in the hearts of collectors and fans of our espresso coffee blends. “Campi Elisi” Haiti Art Collection is available, in limited numbered edition, only in our e-shop and at selected Caffè Haiti Roma cafés.

Package: 6 Coffee cups
Minimum order: 1

Price € including taxes: 48.80

Order: packs


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