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The authentic Made in Italy Espresso in a 100% compostable capsule

Always attentive to the environmental impact of our blends, at Caffè Haiti Roma we have been looking for a more and more sustainable packaging, and at the same time able to guarantee the high quality standards of our coffees in order to offer our customers the famous “delight in the cup”. Well, after many attempts…
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An eye on coffee grounds

When talking about environmental sustainability, it is high the everyday commitment of many individuals who try to turn waste into raw material; after the sneakers made of coffee grounds and recycled plastic, the latest invention that caught up our attention is about another everyday item: the glasses. As we read on the main information websites,…
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1st October, International Coffee Day

Ode to coffee, the faithful friend who accompanies us throughout the day, ready to give us energy and give us a restorative break. So why not celebrate it with a dedicated day? Since 2015, the debut year of the International Coffee Day, wanted by the International Coffee Organization as part of Expo 2015, every year…
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