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MOGOH, the new frontier of Bio-Gourmet coffee.

Our latest blend is called Mogoh and was born out of a desire to expand our presence in the organic world. It complements the BioCaffè blend, which is already Bio-Fairtrade certified and award-winning. Mogoh is composed of only certified organic coffees, has different origins but all high-profile, with an SCA score of never less than…
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Health Drinks get a makeover!

New teas and herbal teas from “La Route des Comptoirs,” a French company, have just arrived. François Cambell, the company’s creator, is constantly searching for new scents, tastes and combinations, with the clear goal of maintaining excellent quality while respecting the producers and their ecosystems. This is how the Premium & Gourmet tea and herbal…
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The authentic Made in Italy Espresso in a 100% compostable capsule

Always attentive to the environmental impact of our blends, at Caffè Haiti Roma we have been looking for a more and more sustainable packaging, and at the same time able to guarantee the high quality standards of our coffees in order to offer our customers the famous “delight in the cup”. Well, after many attempts…
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Désir, when the taste of good chocolate meets coffee from the best tradition

 Matching coffee with chocolate has always been trendy. Similar and complementary for their features, these two products marry beautifully, creating each time successful sensory experiences; it is not by chance that, now more than ever, coffee and chocolate are used by chefs to give value to ingredients, and consequently to tastings. Anyway, it is not…
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Delicate, rich in aroma and most important Decaffeinated: Biocaffè Dek is now available also in pod

  At Caffè Haiti Roma we decided to start 2017 going against the prevailing trend. To better understand: since centuries coffee has been our travel companion, being at our side during the whole day and when mostly necessary; more recently, especially in some contexts and in view of special needs, there has been the rise…
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Green Coffee: new, tasty and healthy

In the wake of the positive trend of tea and herbal tea business, that in 2013 witnessed an increase in the consumption, after meeting the needs of a more and more demanding audience in search of wellness – with a 100% Organic 100% Fairtrade Line, Caffè Haiti Roma faces now a new challenge. Green Coffee…
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News within the Auchan hypermarkets in Rome: Biocaffè for all!

Biocaffè 100% Arabica has been put in the promotional leaflet “Sapori Regionali” for promotions from 16th to 25th February. Caffè Haiti Roma is already present in the four Auchan hypermarkets in Rome, with four references on shelf, two of the Regular Line, and two of the Organic and Fairtrade Line: a wide choice of ground coffee and coffee pods…
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Inside the Groupe Auchan in Rome Organic and Fairtrade by Caffè Haiti Roma

The attention and professionalism of the buyers of the Groupe Auchan in Rome, who have complied with the directives of their corporate philosophy, have let us enter our key coffee rerefences, with particular regard to 100% Organic 100% Fairtrade products.      Our roasting company, persisting in Rome and in the surrounding areas, has been distinguishing…
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Enter into the house of Italian people: taste coffee with the classic Moka Pot

Caffè haiti Roma is glad to introduce its new proposal of moka pots, to taste excellent coffee also at home, following the most classical habit of Italian families. Brand new: moka pot for pods!


Caffè Azeglio. The founder’s blend.

After many years from our foundation we have decided to dedicate a new blend to our founder, that would bear his name and represent his concept if a quality espresso coffee. So “Caffè AZEGLIO” was born. A fragrant blend of Haiti Roma coffees with an intense aroma that renovates the tradition of our enterprise with…
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