Caffè Haiti Roma faces a new challenge

 After Magic Italy in Tour, the European event promoted by the Italian Department for Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs for the valorization of Made in Italy productions, that has made two of the Haiti Roma coffee blends protagonists, one for the Regular and one for the Organic and Fairtrade Line, the famous roasting company has…
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Caffè Haiti Roma becomes a SCAE member

Coffee is a worldwide product that represents a real culture. The culture of coffee, from the preparation to its tasting, is an aspect that must be given valorization. For this reason in 1998 SCAE was born, the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, in the wake of SCAA in the USA, to promote Specialty Coffee through events, competitions and…
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Green Coffee: new, tasty and healthy

In the wake of the positive trend of tea and herbal tea business, that in 2013 witnessed an increase in the consumption, after meeting the needs of a more and more demanding audience in search of wellness – with a 100% Organic 100% Fairtrade Line, Caffè Haiti Roma faces now a new challenge. Green Coffee…
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An award plaque for Caffè Haiti Roma

 As a recognition for a quality path that began five years ago, and that still goes on despite the uneasy economic situation, Caffè Haiti Roma has recently received by DQS ITALY an award plaque, a formal recognition for the commitment of the company, that since 2007 has kept a “path to excellence”. The excellence is that of the operational…
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News within the Auchan hypermarkets in Rome: Biocaffè for all!

Biocaffè 100% Arabica has been put in the promotional leaflet “Sapori Regionali” for promotions from 16th to 25th February. Caffè Haiti Roma is already present in the four Auchan hypermarkets in Rome, with four references on shelf, two of the Regular Line, and two of the Organic and Fairtrade Line: a wide choice of ground coffee and coffee pods…
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Magic Italy in Tour: Caffè Haiti Roma represents the Italian products of excellence

During these months Caffè Haiti Roma is taking part to a very important event for spreading the knowledge of Italian culture: Magic Italy in Tour, this is the name of the project, is hosted by the Italian Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs, through Buonitalia Spa and the Italian Ministry of Tourism, and aims at giving…
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Caffè Haiti Roma with Asia non-profit organization for Sonam

 Caffè Haiti Roma, always sensitive towards social issues, has decided to support a project of child sponsorship in collaboration with Asia non-profit organization: child sponsorship has entered into force since January 2011 and will allow Sonam, this is the name of the fourteen-year-old girl sponsored by us, to attend High School in Nepal and to…
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Inside the Groupe Auchan in Rome Organic and Fairtrade by Caffè Haiti Roma

The attention and professionalism of the buyers of the Groupe Auchan in Rome, who have complied with the directives of their corporate philosophy, have let us enter our key coffee rerefences, with particular regard to 100% Organic 100% Fairtrade products.      Our roasting company, persisting in Rome and in the surrounding areas, has been distinguishing…
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Enter into the house of Italian people: taste coffee with the classic Moka Pot

Caffè haiti Roma is glad to introduce its new proposal of moka pots, to taste excellent coffee also at home, following the most classical habit of Italian families. Brand new: moka pot for pods!

Double Quality Certification. Organic and FairTrade for Caffè Haiti Roma

Caffè Haiti Roma is always in search of quality and new ideas, bearing in mind the customers’ needs and life quality. Therefore, Caffè Haiti Roma has been certified by “I.C.E.A.” (Society of Ethical and Environmental Certification), the Italian Certification Corporation that is in charge of controlling and certifying that the Company has complied with organic…
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