Enter into the house of Italian people: taste coffee with the classic Moka Pot

Caffè haiti Roma is glad to introduce its new proposal of moka pots, to taste excellent coffee also at home, following the most classical habit of Italian families. Brand new: moka pot for pods!

Double Quality Certification. Organic and FairTrade for Caffè Haiti Roma

Caffè Haiti Roma is always in search of quality and new ideas, bearing in mind the customers’ needs and life quality. Therefore, Caffè Haiti Roma has been certified by “I.C.E.A.” (Society of Ethical and Environmental Certification), the Italian Certification Corporation that is in charge of controlling and certifying that the Company has complied with organic…
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Caffè Azeglio. The founder’s blend.

After many years from our foundation we have decided to dedicate a new blend to our founder, that would bear his name and represent his concept if a quality espresso coffee. So “Caffè AZEGLIO” was born. A fragrant blend of Haiti Roma coffees with an intense aroma that renovates the tradition of our enterprise with…
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“Gran Riserva” was awarded the Golden Medal

At the 2008 International Coffee Tasting 2008, the competition organized by the international Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC), our blend named “Gran Riserva” qualified as one of the best worldwide. At the end of the two-day contest, during which 26 IIAC tasters coming from Italy, Germany, Serbia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Sweden and Spain have tried the…
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