Our attention to details and our passion for Espresso Coffee give birth to our excellent Blends. An accurate selection of green Coffees at the origin is the first essential step to obtain a perfect Haiti Roma Espresso Coffee, because it ensures, season after season, a coffee with aroma and flavor characteristics that remain unaffected over time; each origin is then roasted separately with care, thanks to the “craftsmanlike skill” that only a wealth of experience in coffee production can assure.

All the Haiti Roma coffee blends are characterized by an unmistakable sensory profile, and represent a journey in the world of Taste and Aroma: it is love at first sip.

Our passion for quality becomes organic and Fairtrade

Optimism and initiative are, to us, the necessary ingredients to look ahead, with new ideas and a new self-confidence in our ability to realize them. For this reason, we are always deeply involved in the tireless research for innovation and creation of new products, inspired by the needs of people and to improve their lives.

The values of environmental sustainability and respect for the individual made our roasting company propose a 100% Organic 100% Fairtrade certified coffee, coming from small plantations in harmony with the environment, where the natural cultivation method, that makes no use of harmful substances for both men and the environment, contributes to maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Our BioCaffè is produced using High Quality organic coffee, cultivated in small areas located at high and hilly altitude, and it is Fairtrade certified.

A further step, to bring our corporate philosophy much closer to the needs for an ecological balance of the planet, was made thanks to our biodegradable and compostable paper pods, for a quality Espresso, zero impact.

But, first of all it must be an excellent Espresso. It is for this reason that we say… BioCaffè Haiti Roma: It’s Good, It’s Organic, It’s Fairtrade.

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