An award plaque for Caffè Haiti Roma

An award plaque for Caffè Haiti Roma

 As a recognition for a quality path that began five years ago, and that still goes on despite the uneasy economic situation, Caffè Haiti Roma has recently received by DQS ITALY an award plaque, a formal recognition for the commitment of the company, that since 2007 has kept a “path to excellence”.

The excellence is that of the operational management, granted by the use of an Integrated System for the monitoring of:

Quality – ISO 9001

Environment – ISO 14001

Safety – OHSAS 18001

     The certified quality of Haiti Roma coffee blends puts the roasting company in a privileged position, being amongst the few companies in the world to have five certifications, including that for Organic and for Fairtrade.

Thanks to this path, the result of an ethic conscience and a corporate philosophy that stakes all on quality, Caffè Haiti Roma is able to offer coffee blends reflecting the best tradition of Italian coffee.

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