Caffè Haiti Roma faces a new challenge

Caffè Haiti Roma faces a new challenge

 After Magic Italy in Tour, the European event promoted by the Italian Department for Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs for the valorization of Made in Italy productions, that has made two of the Haiti Roma coffee blends protagonists, one for the Regular and one for the Organic and Fairtrade Line, the famous roasting company has decided to face in 2014 a new challenge: strenghtening its presence also outside Europe.

After the important exhibition World of Coffee, the historical roasting company entered in touch with many realities from the Middle and the Far East and with the Institutions, to promote organic food. The Eastern markets represent a difficult but at the same time stimulating challenge, they are demanding, experts and aknowledged about quality.

Caffè Haiti Roma will proudly present Biocaffè Superior Blend, the precious coffee blend that has made it well known and appreciated in the world of Organic. The quality is that of Mister Espresso, the taste is that of the authentic Made In Italy coffee. What is more, this blend is also 100% Organic 100% Fairtrade, a positive aspect that encourages the company to get positive results.

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