Health Drinks get a makeover!

Health Drinks get a makeover!

New teas and herbal teas from “La Route des Comptoirs,” a French company, have just arrived.

François Cambell, the company’s creator, is constantly searching for new scents, tastes and combinations, with the clear goal of maintaining excellent quality while respecting the producers and their ecosystems.

This is how the Premium & Gourmet tea and herbal tea blends are born.

All of their products are certified organic, and many also feature the Fairtrade certification. In addition, since 2009 the company has received the “Best Organic Product” award multiple times – a French award that each year designates the top 100 best organic products on the market – for 14 different teas and infusions.

For all these reasons, we chose to begin this new collaboration with them, based on our shared vision for a sustainable, high-quality business that seeks products’ excellence for a complete sensory experience.

We decided to start with a selection of their extensive catalog, with the intention of increasingly expanding the range of products offered.

These drinks with intense and persistent aromas are truly irresistible and you will want to try them all!

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