The authentic Made in Italy Espresso in a 100% compostable capsule

The authentic Made in Italy Espresso in a 100% compostable capsule

Always attentive to the environmental impact of our blends, at Caffè Haiti Roma we have been looking for a more and more sustainable packaging, and at the same time able to guarantee the high quality standards of our coffees in order to offer our customers the famous “delight in the cup”. Well, after many attempts and at the end of a long search, we are pleased to anticipate the launch, now imminent, of a new product: capsules that are compatible with Nespresso* home coffee machines, and that can be fully disposed of as wet organic waste. Their innovation is in their complete compostability, therefore not only of the coffee but also of the capsule itself, the latter made with a compostable Bio Based master blend; moreover, the absence of overwrapping is made possible by the insulating properties of this product. These capsules do not contain aluminium and are not derived from plastic of fossil origin, they are also Bio and Fairtrade certified. But the real added value is that they contain inside them all the aroma and taste of the authentic Italian Espresso, the one signed by Caffè Haiti Roma, to be easily tasted also at home.

We were pleased to present this novelty as a preview at the Sana Restart fair, which took place in Bologna from 9th to 11th October.

*The trademark Nespresso is not owned by Caffè Haiti Roma or other connected companies.

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